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what is a psychologist or psychological associate?*

  • Psychologists and psychological associates are regulated health professionals.

  • Psychologists and psychological associates use clinical interviewing, behavioural observation, and psychometric tests to help identify issues and to work on solutions.

  • Psychologists and psychological associates are the only professionals qualified to use certain kinds of psychometric tests to assess intelligence, as well as emotional and behavioural problems.

  • Psychologists and psychological associates work with groups and organizations to assess individuals and foster behavioural change. They also work in private practices or in clinics, schools, institutions such as hospitals and prisons, or in business and industry settings.

*this information is adapted from the Ontario Psychological Association website

where can i go if my child is in crisis and i cannot wait for an appointment?

If you have concerns about your child's immediate safety, or the safety of others around your child, please call 911 or go to Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) or your local hospital. 

If you feel your child or family are in crisis, please contact the Simcoe County Crisis Line at  (705) 728-5044.

what is cognitive behavioural therapy?

CBT is a structured, goal-oriented type of therapy that focuses on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. CBT focuses on the 'here and now' and teaches skills and strategies. CBT is well established as an effective intervention for children who are worried, anxious, and have mood difficulties.

how should i prepare my child for therapy appointments?

We recommend informing your child that they will be coming to work with a psychologist to help them with the difficulties they have been experiencing. Let them know that the first session or two will focus on getting to know each other and playing some games. These sessions are purposely less structured in order to build a comfortable environment and rapport.

how should i prepare my child for assessment appointments?

We recommend informing your child that they will be participating in an assessment to better understand how they think, learn, or behave. Let your child know that they will be meeting with a psychologist and will be participating in some activities and games to better understand how they are doing. We will take breaks as needed.

Please ensure that your child is well rested and has had a meal before their assessment appointments. If needed, please feel free to bring a snack for your child. If your child usually takes medication, please continue with this routine unless we have discussed otherwise.